Linqo is an indie rock band located in Orlando, FL. Touring mainly around central Florida, the group is no stranger to the live music scene, performing alongside popular artists such as The Life and Times, Patternist, Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria, Chasing Jonah, and The Stolen.

In January of 2017, Linqo released their three-song, self-titled debut EP Linqo recorded at Real Feel Recording in Casselberry, FL. Following that, the group followed up with the release of their five-song, sophomore EP Nomadic in May of 2018, recorded at Red Oak Collective in Longwood, FL. And in November of 2018, the band recorded an acoustic debut of their single "Come Closer" for an album of local bands produced by Trap Cat Collective.




"The 5 songs featured on "Nomadic" do a really great job at portraying [Linqo]'s vision, presenting a sound that falls somewhere in between catchy hooks, hypnotic grooves, and lush ambient textures."

- Andrew

"Linqo goes for a colorful dreamy world with the life-affirming "Nomadic". Over the course of the collection they draw from shoegaze, pop, ambient, with elements of post-rock thrown in for good measure. The result from all this stylistic variation is a sound that feels so rich, so vibrant and done with such perfection."

- Beachsloth.com

"Linqo understands better than most that you can make an impression through clever construction, musical textures, cinematic arrangements and well thought out dynamics. And Nomadic is a five track slice of exactly that."

- Dave Franklin
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